How to Get Roundup Out of Your Community

Taking action to get Roundup and other toxic chemical pesticides out of your community can be as easy as a 5 minute phone call.  To get you started, we have a simple script with links to references that you can adapt to your needs.  Start HERE.

On this page are three video interviews with Jeffrey and successful community leaders who share their strategies and action steps to engaging their communities in bringing about a switch to healthier, nontoxic weed management practices.

Kathleen Hallal.

The City Council of Irvine, California unanimously passed a resolution in February, 2016 to stop spraying hazardous chemicals such as Roundup (glyphosate) and 2,4-D on public parks, playgrounds and streets—adopting an organic management policy instead. PTA officer Kathleen Hallal coordinated a team that secured the ban.  Hallal, mother to three boys with autoimmune disorders, learned about links between glyphosate and health risks including brain cancer, present in her community at levels higher than the national average. When glyphosate was labeled a probable carcinogen by WHO, it helped the initiative gain support from the PTA presidents, then the school district, and finally from the city council.  Read More Here.



Zen Honeycutt.

Zen is the Founder and Director of Moms Across America, a non profit National Coalition of Unstoppable Moms.  Listen to her experience with the Orange County, CA Public Works.  It only took a couple of phone calls and one meeting.  See her binder of information HERE.  This interview is LOADED with information.



Susan Junfish.

Susan JunFish founded Parents for a Safer Environment in 2002 when her son was 3 years old and continues to work as the full time Program Director.  Prior to founding Parents for a Safer Environment, Susan worked 7 years for Cal/EPA after receiving her MPH from UC Berkeley.  Susan has given over 90 presentations over the past 14 years to organizations including hospitals, schools, elected officials and service organizations throughout the Bay Area and worked on many legislative bills, receiving awards from the CA State Legislature and locally for protecting public health and the environment.  This video presents essential toxicology information.